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  • Technical Features

Technical Features for Panasonic BTS Panasonic KX-TDE600

The Panasonic KX-TDE600 pure IP PBX control unit is an advanced communication platform for IP networking environments. It provides support for desktop SIP connectivity and a range of advanced IP telephones as well as digital extensions and ISDN trunks.

Factory Information:
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KX-TDE600 Features:
  • Hybrid IP-PBX Control Unit
  • Support Small to Large Communication System
  • Integrated SIP Telephony via Internet Telephony Service Providers
  • Built-in Support for Advanced IP Extensions as Well as Standard SIP Phones
  • IP Phones & Soft Phones for Remote Workers & Road Warriors
  • Desktop, Network & Business Application Integration
  • Business Productivity w/ Wireless Mobility Solutions
  • Easy Migration
  • Built-in Voice Mail
  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership
  • Centralized Management & Upgrades
  • Maximum Extension Port (DPT and SLT and IP Extension):
    - W/o DXDP: 368
    - W/ DXDP: 432
  • Physical Extension Cards:
    - Single Line (a/b) Telephone (SLT): 240
    - Digital Proprietary Telephone (DPT) - Type 1 (With DXDP): 256
    - Digital Proprietary Telephone (DPT) - Type 2: 128
    - IP Proprietary Telephone (IPT): 160
    - Analog Proprietary Telephone (APT): 80
    - Direct Station Select (DSS) Console: 64
    - Voice Processing System (VPS): 8
  • Virtual Extension Cards:
    - SIP Extension: 128
    - IP Proprietary Telephone (IPPT): 64
  • Trunk Port: 192
  • Physical Trunk Cards:
    - ISDN Trunk (BRI): 160
    - ISDN Trunk (PRI): 150
    - Analog Trunk: 160
    - IP Gateway: 160
  • Virtual Trunk Cards - SIP Trunk: 32
  • Wireless Portable Station (PS): 512
  • Wireless Cell Station (CS): 32
  • Doorphone Port: 16
  • Door Opener: 16
  • External Sensor: 16
  • External Relay: 16
  • USB Module: 160

Key Term Definitions

Cabinet: The main box where all the internal / external routing and configurations take place within a telephone system. The cabinet can be referred to as “Central Office”, “Central Unit” and or “Base.”

CTI (computer telephony integration): This is an optional set of applications that will allow you to integrate your telephone system with your computer. These applications include one-click dialing, video conferencing, incoming call routing and more.

Extensions: With extensions an office can run several devices, such as fax machines and modems, off just one dedicated phone line.

Hybrid: A phone that is hybrid is a mix between key systems and PBX systems. Over the years the differences between these 2 types have dwindled and so the benefits of both have been combined – the term hybrid signifies the grouping.

Key Systems: Designed for small office environments, a key telephone system can support up to 40 employees. They cost less than PBX systems, but offer many of the same features as well as features that are catered to small offices applications.

Lines: This refers to the number of telephone lines coming into your business telephone system. Lines are also known as trunks.

PBX (private branch exchange): A PBX system is designed for offices with 40 or more employees. These systems are very flexible and can be customized to your specific office needs. The investment is greater than with key systems, but the extensive PBX upgrade options allow you to easily extend the life of your system.

Ports: The number of ports dictates how many connections a phone system can handle, a term most commonly associated with PBX. This includes total number of incoming lines and extensions available.

VoIP (voice over internet protocol): Unlike regular telephones that utilize landlines, a VoIP phone requires high speed internet connection to make and receive calls. VoIP phones connect directly to IP networks via wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi. This is a popular application for businesses that make long distance / international calls frequently.

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